Tuesday, June 14, 2011


To everybody who commented on my last post about my engagement story...

Thank you!!

You're very kind and I'm very excited. My days (and nights) have been busy thinking about and planning (with Jesse's help of course) our wedding.

Oh, we have a date(!!):
Saturday October 8th in the Columbus, Ohio Temple.
We're having a late morning sealing and then reception after.

116 days!

And here's a text that made me love him even more, but it might make you sick. I'd apologize for sharing it, but I'm not sorry:

Jesse: "Ohh, you're so sweet"
Me: "Sweet like honey or sweet like sugar?"
Jesse: "Like honey because you're the bee's knees :)"
Me: "Aww, since you're the cat's meow what does that make you?"
(I was going to say ..."tuna?" but I didn't cause that would have been kind of mean)
Jesse: "Catnip because I'm irresistable :)"
Me" "haha true, true you are irresistable"

I love that finace of mine!

(Jesse was told by a mutal friend that we're like 80 year olds with those nicknames).

Any questions?


Brenna said...

This is too funny! I remember a blog post a while ago where you talked about the grossness of a couple in love that you and a co-worker talked about ;)

Grandma Honey said...

so sweet!
congratulations :)

Ashley McLemore (Dickinson) said...

It is a hilarious paradox of the line between disgusted and enamored with a couple's affection for one another.

I definitely think it's difficult to appreciate the sweetness in an interaction if you yourself are disenfranchised or lacking the same romance in your own life.

I've certainly been on both sides of the fence... heck, I even react differently when I'm watching chick flicks! Finding someone that you feel this deeply about truly does change the way you see the world around you. I'm so very glad that you've found it. :)

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