Monday, March 29, 2010

Question of the Day

My computer is back up and running! Remember back in November when my hard drive crashed? And I thought all was lost? Well, it's taken me this long to find somebody who could repair it. But, repaired it is! And I am so grateful. Also, all my data was recovered as well. This makes me so happy!


I've decided to begin asking questions on my blog periodically. If you want to answer, great! If not, then I will miss your answers, but I can't make you do it. I'm going to call them "Question of the Day" but I won't post one every day.

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With out further ado, the first question....

What are you doing (or what did you do) for Spring Break?

Me? I am going home to visit with my family.

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1 comment:

Brenna said...

Ima goin' to be a workin'. . . (:
Post Script: I like the Question of the day idea!

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