Friday, January 2, 2009


Christmas this year was different than in past years. My dad had to work the night before (from Christmas eve to Christmas morning), so we didn't open presents until about 4 pm. I came home the Saturday before Christmas and my sister came home on Dec 13th. Even though we had about 6 days, it felt like we didn't have enough time to get everything done. My mom waited until my sister and I were both home to put up decorations and make cookies, which I am really grateful for, but it was strange to have so little time in which to do everything. But, it was good to be together as a family, even though things have changed. Here are a few pictures from our Christmas this year.

Hannah is waiting for Christmas. She's ready!

Dressed up in reindeer antlers.

We made Christmas cookies to give away. We made at least three kinds, but sadly these are the only pictures I took of them.

We have a really good recipe for sugar cookies. They have just the right amount of sweetness without being too sweet. They're really good! My sister has a good glaze recipe that we used on top. And of course, we didn't forget the sprinkles.

This is the tree on Christmas morning. I love it with the lights, I think it's so beautiful.

Save the best for beautiful sister just after opening her presents! (A little blurry, but still fun).

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