Friday, December 9, 2011

My stomach hates me

This past weekend was a weekend of firsts:

Jesse and I got our first Christmas tree together and decorated it and hung lights on it and around the apartment! Of course it's real! We wouldn't have it any other smells delicious! Oh, it makes me so happy.

Our Stake Conference was this past weekend.

Our first Stake Conference in a family ward.

Our first Stake Conference as a married couple.

And our first Stake Conference in our new Stake.

It was really good! The Saturday night session focused mainly on becoming better parents and better husbands and wives (which was definitely helpful since Jesse and I are new to this whole marriage thing). The Sunday session focused on strengthing our testimony of Christ, following church leaders, and strengthing families by doing what we need to be doing.

That night was the First Presidency Christmas devotional, which we ended up missing since I wasn't feeling too well. But I watched it on Monday at work...definitely worth a

In our current ward there are two other couples that were in the Singles branch with us (one couple got married in March and the other in July of this year) so at least we have friends in our new ward already.

Still no callings (other than home teacher for Jesse). But I'm sure they'll come...

Happy Friday.

*(The post title had nothing to do with this blog.)


Teachinfourth said...

Happy Friday (thought it's now Saturday) to you, too...

My Life as Whitney said...

Happy Friday! Aww congrats on your "firsts" they are always so fun! XO

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